EST. 2012

The very first SuperCar Lites was produced in October 2012 and started on several tracks before it started its worldwide journey. Olsbergs MSE and Avitas Motorsport have used their experiences from both automotive and motorsport industry in order to produce a powerful, easy to maintain and competetive race car at affordable budgets.

A total of 53 cars have been built since the start and the cars have been used in Rally X, NitroCross, GRC, World RX, ARX, Race of Champions, Rally X On Ice aswell as many domestic races around the world. From 2024 24 current Supercar Lites cars will be transformed with new items and turn into our next project FC2.

The remaining 29 cars will remain as current Supercar Lites spec in the top young talent school of Rally X for many more years and find the future champions.