EST. 2022

The FC1 is a multipurpose EV motorsport platform, especially created, developed, and manufactured, for OEM partners and Motorsport series in different disciplines, with professional teams that aspire to obtain the ultimate performance, using the latest technology within an achievable budget.

FC1 is up to the challenge of record attempts around the world, in various types of challenging environments. It is a race car delivering Fossil free performance, that is incredible for all kinds of surfaces and competition, it is truly multi in the right way.

The FC1 can provide different specifications aligned to the aspiration of customer needs - from a base 600 BHP, RWD, specification through to 1500BHP, 4WD, specification that challenge the limits of performance you dreamed were possible.

From performance to handling, the FC1 platform has already over delivered on demanding surfaces from Tarmac, Gravel, through to Ice, on specially created tracks delivering punishing challenges for even the best global pilots.

The demands are not only met on the ground, the FC1 can jump/fly over 150m in distance at a peak altitude of 5 meters - the sky really is the limit. The FC1-X specification is today the main class in NRX / Nitro Rallycross and this X specification has a maximum of 800kw/1088 Bhp and 1200Nm of torque.

Today FC1-X is the fastest Rallycross car ever built and raced.