EST. 2016

After many years of being linked with Ford MotorCompany things changed for the 2016 season when Honda America together with Honda Racing Performance (HPD) saw the marketing value of rallycross to launch their new Honda Civic Coupé.

The Honda Civic Coupé RX was designed and built by OMSE in Nynäshamn, Sweden and featured radical new chassis architecture. Adopting a philosophy used in the creation of the Supercar Lites, 

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OMSE carried over the in-board suspension arrangement into the civic. The idea came from multiple drivers that took the step up from Supercar Lites to Supercar and they all had the same comments that the Supercar Lites were faster thru the corners.

And with OMSE also focusing on new talents, both of its 2016 drivers were previous Supercar Lites champions and would benefit from having a Supercar that behaved as similar to the car they had been so successful in.